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I spent the weekend that I planned to spend doing yard and house work instead by researching my Alexander branches.  My beloved great-grandmother Dorothy was an Alexander and she was very proud of her name.  She passed away last year but she left sets of wonderful journals and memories of an independent lady full of […]

The other day I was reading an article in the Springfield News-Leader about a family researching their family history.  The wife mentioned that in looking for our old ancestors everyone should remember that you’re bound to find that bad egg, the family member that no one wanted to talk about.  I hate to admit this […]

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many mysteries hidden in my family tree.  There are the two relatives of my great-granny’s that left for Kansas and were never seen or heard from again.  There is the question as to when and where my great-grandfather Bernhard died, even though I thought I’d had this one at […]

I work at a local charity that supports, among other things, a domestic violence shelter and a food pantry.  If ever one was granted their dream job, it is I.  If someone had asked me to write up a job description for employment that would suit me perfectly, this is what I would have written: […]