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The quote above has nothing to do with what I’m about to write.  Not really, anyway.  It’s just that I like Paul Simon and he happens to have a song about Graceland which happens to be the cemetery where my great-grandfather is buried.  Do you like how I said that all nonchalantly like finding out […]

Many times I’ve started to post about the amazing and huge strides I’ve made in my research these last couple months…but life gets in the way.  So I suppose a Surname Saturday post about my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Schulte (who I’ve mentioned here before) would be the easiest way to squeeze all that in. In short, […]

This Tombstone Tuesday, I thought I’d post about my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Schulte Kramer.  The road to her maiden name was long and paved with many an assumption but very little facts.  When I started research on my dad’s side of the family, he didn’t even know his grandparent’s names.  His father died in 1976 and […]

As is probably obvious by now, I’ve focused majority of my research for the past five or six years on the Kramer side of my family.  It’s the name I carry and it’s a name I cherish — if I ever marry I will not drop my name and when my son was born I […]

Only a few posts on this here blog and already, it’s consumed with talk to the Fittje’s.  Obviously, the Fittje’s are dominating about 90% of my research at this point and it’s been that way for nearly a year now.  It was a hellishly long road to make even one tiny connection to this family […]

I spent the weekend that I planned to spend doing yard and house work instead by researching my Alexander branches.  My beloved great-grandmother Dorothy was an Alexander and she was very proud of her name.  She passed away last year but she left sets of wonderful journals and memories of an independent lady full of […]

The other day I was reading an article in the Springfield News-Leader about a family researching their family history.  The wife mentioned that in looking for our old ancestors everyone should remember that you’re bound to find that bad egg, the family member that no one wanted to talk about.  I hate to admit this […]