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Many times I’ve started to post about the amazing and huge strides I’ve made in my research these last couple months…but life gets in the way.  So I suppose a Surname Saturday post about my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Schulte (who I’ve mentioned here before) would be the easiest way to squeeze all that in. In short, […]

This Tombstone Tuesday, I thought I’d post about my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Schulte Kramer.  The road to her maiden name was long and paved with many an assumption but very little facts.  When I started research on my dad’s side of the family, he didn’t even know his grandparent’s names.  His father died in 1976 and […]

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many mysteries hidden in my family tree.  There are the two relatives of my great-granny’s that left for Kansas and were never seen or heard from again.  There is the question as to when and where my great-grandfather Bernhard died, even though I thought I’d had this one at […]